toodooloo is about much more than getting you to where you need to go. We're also about creating memorable experiences on your way there.

Let our drivers transport you in and around Sydney and show you the heart of our city, whether visiting our famous landmarks or experiencing those places beyond the tourists crowds where locals in-the-know go to.

How Do Bookings Work?

When you toodooloo, you are in control of your trip. Our drivers will take you where you want to go at your own pace. However, you also have the benefit of an experienced local to guide you or take you on one of our local experiences bookings (learn more about our toodoos).

While toodooloo is many things, it is not a short-ride taxi service. We offer great value long-rides. Bookings are made on an hourly basis, from 1 to 12 hours.

You can choose the number of hours you want, or choose:

  • Mini Booking - Book for 3 or 4 hours to get a customised short tour of local highlights.
  • Half Day Booking - Book for 6 hours to enjoy a half day customised tour covering several local favourite spots

  • Full Day Booking - Book for 8 hours to take in the best of Sydney at a leisurely pace, customised to your interests.
  • Extended Booking - With such affordable hourly rates, you can book for 10 to 12 hours for a long trip, such as to the Blue Mountains.

When making a booking, let your driver know what type of experience you are seeking and we'll suggest how you can achieve your goals, using our local knowledge. We're with you every step of the way to offer advice. Our customer service is top class!

Driver Categories

toodooloo offers 3 different types of drivers:

  • Toodooloo Standard (AU$38/hour) - Locals using their own car who know their city well but are not professional tour guides.

  • Toodooloo Pro (AU$45/hour) - Locals using their own car who are also professional tour guides and have experience guiding in their city.

  • Toodooloo Plus (AU$45/hour) - Locals using a luxury car or a vehicle that can sit 6 or more people.

Using Sydney as an example, the following will give you an idea of how much you will save using Toodooloo*:

For an approximately 25 minute ride from Sydney CBD to the beautiful Bondi Beach (without Uber surge pricing) -

UberX Uber Black Regular Taxi
AU$24 AU$58 AU$37

A 45-50 minute trip from the CBD to the suburb of Cabramatta for an outstanding Asian meal (without Uber surge pricing) -

UberX Uber Black Regular Taxi
AU$86 AU$186 AU$108

With Toodooloo Standard, you pay only AU$38 for a whole hour of chauffeured driving and guide services!

* Estimates based on RideGuru

Have a look at some of the popular Sydney-based tour guide services*, which are priced as follows

3 Hour Tour 4 Hour Tour 6 Hour Tour
  • 1-2 people: AU$395

  • 3-4 people: AU$495

  • 5-6 people: AU$595
  • 1-3 guests: AU$500
  • 4+: AU$135 / person
  • 1-3 guests: AU$600
  • 4+: AU$175 / person
Toodooloo Standard 3 Hours Toodooloo Standard 4 Hours Toodooloo Standard 6 Hours
AU$114 AU$152 AU$228

* Rates taken from the websites of leading Sydney tour guide companies.